Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sweet baby

Oh Monday, how I hate you! I really do hate Mondays. One good thing that came out of yesterday was I got to see my sweet AJ. He is teething so he was a little bit whiny. I put my hand over in his car seat and he grabbed my finger. My poor little man didn't feel good at all :( every time I would try to take my hand away he would cry and reach out to me so I would give it gave to him and he would go back to sleep. So sweet :).

Me, Mom, Maegan and AJ ran some errands. We went to gymboree and michaels and then came back to mine and Mom's house for supper. Originally, we were going to pork chops and asparagus but then we decided we should have Panda Express instead and do the pork chops the next day (which is today). 

I am still trying to eat healthy. My "healthy food diet" (which isn't really a diet... just eating healthy) got interrupted by our Murphy's Law Weekend so I am trying to get back on track. I did my workout last night and then had a little snack. Ryan and I are going walking tonight. Wish me luck :)

Random picture of my cat George. Apparently we need to get him more toys because he is playing with a pink feather boa. Poor kitty.

Well, that is my Southern Soapbox for now. I will be posting pictures of our meal tonight. We are planning to cook some new stuff :). Have a good Tuesday!

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