Friday, July 8, 2011

Back home...

I moved back home today.. well tonight actually. I went and babysat Corbin, Davis, Anne Mae, and Jack this evening and since it's only 15 minutes from home I just went ahead and moved back here. Mom will be coming home tomorrow morning. Anywho, I really missed those kids! I haven't babysat them in forever! Davis, Anne Mae and I all played Candy Land. Corbin and Davis also played the Wii while Anne Mae and Jack hung out with me. They were great and seemed really excited to have me there. Anne Mae and Jack took turns sitting in my lap. And all the boys got to experience the webcam! Lol. They thought it was AWESOME. Jack would see the person I was talking to and wake and yell "hiiii" lol it was cute.

My appetite is back! I've hungry most of the evening lol. We don't have much food here at the house though so my options are limited. I'm hoping to go see a movie with Ryan tomorrow and I have a lot of cleaning I need to catch up on too. But until then, I'm going to find something to watch on TV.

That's my soapbox for the day. Night!

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