Friday, July 8, 2011

New name! New Look!

If you didn't notice well then shame on you! I finally decided what I actually wanted to call my blog... and its only taken me 7 months lol! Since I end pretty much every post in "that's my soapbox for the day" I decided to stick that in my name. Also, I'm southern so there ya go we have a Southern Soapbox :)... MY Southern Soapbox :D I also decided to change the picture since it is no longer winter... then got bored and changed the whole thing! lol

So I FINALLY went to sleep some where around 5am this morning... well yesterday morning. I woke up and helped Mom get the dogs back to the house. We're leaving the house we've been house sitting tomorrow/Saturday morning. It's a bitter sweet thing. On one hand we have an awesome pool here and I'm really close to Ryan.. on the other hand... it's not home and I miss my bed. Anywho, my mood has apparently stabilized for the time being. I was pretty much in a good mood all day. YAY. I'm sure everyone has appreciated it. Although I have noticed that my appetite is GONE. Let's see Wednesday I ate Chick-fil-a and 1:30pm.... ate a bagal at midnight-ish. Not because I was actually hungry, just because I knew I had to eat. Then I didn't eat again until about 3:30pm on Thursday. Again.. not hungry just knew I needed to eat. Is that normal? Or is it something else? Who knows....

Well that's my soapbox for the day :)

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