Sunday, July 24, 2011

Getting Settled

Ryan is moved in!

I was supposed to pick up the key Tuesday night but had to work so ended up doing it Wednesday afternoon before work. It was a bit of a pain because for some reason I didn't think about having his first months rent when I went to get the keys so I had to go the thirty extra minutes to get his check then drive back the the apartment THEN go home, let the dogs out and rush off to work! It was crazy BUT worth it because I got to walk the apartment before he started moving in! Not going to lie, I was TERRIFIED that he wouldn't like it but later that evening he leaned over to his friend Brett and gave me the validation I had been looking for! I was OVER THE MOON! Lol.

We were able to get all of his stuff moved in Wednesday night, which just means that Ryan has very little furniture lol. We were going to do more work Thursday but ended up going to Arlington with our friends Meagan and Brett to find them an apartment. We found them a REALLY nice place that I think they are excited about but I am a bit sad that they will be so far away from us. :( I hope we don't all get too busy and loose touch.

Friday I got to Ryan's at noon to start washing all of his dishes and everything. My work was brought to a SCREAMING.. ok, not really a scream but definitely a yelp, halt when I moved a plate and a roach creeped out from under it! I quickly left and made a trip to Home Depot, which thankfully is literally right next door! I sprayed around the kitchen and put in a call to the office for the pest control to come around. That may be over kill but roaches are disgusting destructive horrible creatures that should be eliminated! Anywho, I ended up being able to recover enough to finish the dishes. I was a bit paranoid and very jumpy but I got the job done. I made a run to Kroger and made Ryan's very first meal in his apartment, three cheese tortellini! It took a while to figure out that the big eye on the stove wasn't working so I had to use one that was too small but I was determined :D. 

I know he isn't excited about paying more money for rent but I can tell that he is starting to see the benefits to living on his own. Hopefully after the first few months when there aren't as many things to get for the apartment money will start to free up and he will be a bit less stressed. I can't wait for that day lol! I know no one ever has "enough" money but you know what I mean.

Well, that's my soapbox for the day! Good night!

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