Friday, July 15, 2011

First apartment!

Thank God! The search for Ryan's apartment has ended! I know we only looked for two days but that is  A LOT to do in 2 days! I had to research them, go visit all the properties, somehow manage not to get shot, and then after ALL that work... we found something!

So I found out that he needed to move on Monday but didn't know how quickly so that night I stayed up late looking for different places. I found about 6 or so in his price range. Most all of them were in the 635/75 area in Dallas, and area I apparently knew NOTHING about. Well pretty much all the places over there were pretty sad and not even close to what we were looking for. THEEENNN we found the diamond in the ruff! I mean this place was AMAZING! I was ready to sign the lease right there! Thank God I didn't! My sister called me in a panic yelling DON'T YOU DARE GO BACK THERE! Apparently that apartment REALLY was in the ruff! Little did I know, it was a very popular drug spot and you could frequently hear gunshots. Well that was the only thing we found that was decent and now it was a no go to. So we went home feeling VERY tired and VERY deflated after being out looking from 10am-5pm! I went home and started looking for some more.

I had 5 on my list for the day. We quit after number two.... because I signed the lease. After talking to the ladies in the office I felt VERY safe and I knew that neighborhood. I drive around there all the time and my mom's favorite cross stitch store used to be across the street! It is right between my parent's house and Ryan's work too! I called Ryan from the office and told him I refused to look anywhere else, this was the place. He gave me the green light and the ladies put a rush in to have his apartment finished by tuesday night! So he will be moving in on Tuesday! I am so proud of myself and relieved to know that Ryan has a place to stay and it isn't in the middle of Hell! I won't be getting shot at here! He is still pretty stressed out but he always is. The idea of being under a lease and having to pay more rent is a bit nerve racking but I think once he gets settled and starts to take advantage of his new freedom life will be MUCH better!

Well, that's my soapbox for the day! I'm sooo tired! Good night!

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