Tuesday, January 24, 2012

5 things

I am going to try to start doing something new on Mondays. I am going to list 5 things that I did or that happened this weekend. Hopefully most of them will be good things, but on occasion I may feel the need to vent about something, sorry but it happens. Also, I would like to point out that I have a HORRIBLE memory... so a lot of my "memories" will come from Facebook lol. I put almost everything important or exciting on Facebook. I know, that's horrible but if I don't then I wouldn't know what the heck I did every day.

Let's get started!
This weather! Well at least Friday and Sunday's weather. It was 75 degrees outside! I was wearing capris and a tank top! It was amazing. The kind of weather where I read a book OUTSIDE, just because I can. WOOT!

Saturday Maegan and I killed ourselves at the gym. That was FUN! Haha... ya...

After Maegan and I got home from the gym I took a FAST shower and went on a DATE (like a real one where we both look pretty and go eat and talk and WOW) with Ryan. Crazy right?!After our date we went back to Ryan's apartment and watched White Collar. Is it weird that going to Boomer Jacks and watching White Collar was a perfect date night? We had fun and laughed and snuggled... and Jixer licked me until I thought I was going to drown. Does it get any better?

Sunday I went shooting with my dad and brother in law. I sucked, they didn't.. yay them, boo me. I hit maybe 8-10ish out of 25 clays (granted this is the 3rd time I've gone shooting but still.. I suck). They hit all but like 2 of theirs. Yes, I'm pouting as I write this.

The best part of my weekend! Friday morning Andrew (my brother-in-law) had to go to work early so I got to babysit AJ! He's getting SO BIG! He wasn't awake when I got there at 8:30am so I took a nap on the couch. The joys of "working" for relatives, you don't have to be professional (I have only done that in one other house, and that's because I was recovering from mono). Anywho, after he woke I had to feed him breakfast, and after he ate breakfast I had to rent a fork lift to pick him up. He ate one WHOLE banana, a WHOLE blueberry muffin, a handful of Cheerios AND TWO cups of milk! Little Piggy! I love my Stinky Monkey. Then later that night Maegan and I had girls night! We watched The Vampire Diaries (which meant swooning over Ian Somerhalder.. YUM) and we watched Friends while eating raw cookie dough. Friday was a pretty good day :). 

I hope you've enjoyed my  edition of "5 Things" and hopefully I will do enough entertaining things to keep this up lol. That's all for my Southern Soapbox! have a good night!

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