Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Our New Years Celebration

Hard to see everyone but there they all are. (From Left to Right:
Travis, Anita, Ryan, Chris, Meagan, Brett, Travis, Johnathan, and Anthony)

We had so much for New Years! Me, Ryan, Meagan, and Chris all went over to Brett's parents house and brought in the new year. It's a tradition that we have to go over there, eat steak and lobster, set off fireworks and chill in the hot tub. As the years go on, we have slowly started going to bed earlier and earlier lol. This time we were all calling it a night just after 2am! We're such wusses lol. I had a lot of firsts this new years eve! I had my very first bite of lobster and scallop (yup, I have never had it before... and there are many things wrong with me). The scallops were pretty good and the lobster wasn't bad. It wasn't amazing, but I would eat it again.

After we ate supper everyone just relaxed. Some people watched TV (which means that they probably watched about 4 different shows at once (Mr. Murack, Brett's dad, likes to channel surf) and some of us, like me, played pool! ANNNDDD some of us (like me) WON their very first game of pool! I have only really played like twice, and it was against Ryan so it doesn't really count. He lets me cheat. So, I guess I should say I won my first honest game of pool lol. We were playing straight (not even sure exactly how that works. I just shot when they told me to lol). I knocked my own ball in and thus, I was named CHAMPION! After I finished beating the guys at pool (hehe) we got ready to bring in 2012 while watching the Ball drop and then, of course, toasting with wine (no, not champagne).

 Since there were so many of us we decided, to heck with being classy, just use Powerade cups! So we all toasted in the new year with our delicious wine and our Powerade cups.

Now, onto fashion! I am so proud of what I wore for New Years Eve! It was so cute, and something I have NEVER worn before! I am going to have to get better pictures though, but that will have to wait because the shoes I worse are currently in Ryan's backseat (I took them off to watch fireworks so I would sink into the ground with my heels). I do have some pictures. The one up above, with my super classy Powerade cup (which totally completes the outfit) was taken just before the ball dropped. You can sort of see my top. It's a cream loose fitted tank top with gold sequins (I have never owned anything with sequins before) that I got ON SALE from Express. It was a little chilly that night (about 50ish degrees in the great state of Texas) so I layered it with a black cardigan! I think the Cardigan came from Kohl's but I've had it for FOREVER. Below you (might be able to) see my black leggings. Ok that's not completely true. It's actually two pairs of black leggings lol. My leggings were WAY too thin, so I went to my sisters house to borrow some, but hers were just barely too thin. So, I doubled up! It worked, no one could tell and I looked cute. Problem solved! The thick pair of leggings came from Charming Charlie (my crack store) and the thin pair came from Target. The booties, which I know you can't see (again, will get you better pictures ASAP) are ADORABLE. I love them. They are from Charming Charlie as well. Oh and that handsome little man came from my sister and brother in law :P and is, by far, the best part of the outfit.
God I look terrible
Happy New Years from me and AJ!

Well, that's my Southern Soapbox. I hope you all had a GREAT New Years! I have to go clean out the fridge (blah) but I will be posting pictures of another outfit that I wore later tonight. Oh, and tomorrow I will be doing Wonky and Woot-tastic Wednesday! See you all soon!

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