Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wonky & Woot-tastic Wednesday!

Scarf- Target, V-neck Sweater- Old Navy, Skirt- Delias, 
Leggings-Charming Charlie, Steve Madden pumps- DSW

It's Hump Day! Well, actually, Hump Day is almost over. With that said, it's time for Wonky & Woot-tastic Wednesday!

Woot-tastic (things that make me go WOOT!):

- Miss Congeniality was on TBS the other day! When I was younger like... 10ish? I watched this movie (and at the time it was a VHS) SO many times that I memorized it. Not soo woot-tastic.. when the networks play movies they always cut scenes, which bugs me.
- As you may have noticed from my two previous posts, my mom, my sister and I (Please notice to correct use of 'I' instead of, incorrectly, using 'me') madehomemade dishwasher detergent and homemade laundry detergent! We, of course, had to hurry and load the dishwasher and washing machine to use them AND they worked GREAT!!! So excited! WOOT!
- While I was trying to watch watching the meteor shower I realized how much I know thanks to my parents. My parents are a plethora of knowledge! My dad has taught me a bunch of different constellations and several little facts about space. School didn't teach me why the North Star is always (well, pretty much) in the same spot, my dad did. Slightly sad though, that school didn't teach me that but I take pride in how much my parents have taught me. Thanks Mumsie and Papa Bear!

- I made such a pretty salad today for supper! It was romaine lettuce with sliced strawberries and some blueberries, then I took half of a lemon and squeezed it over the top for the dressing! It tastes SO yummy and is really healthy too! Yay for healthy!

Wonky (things that are awkward, or weird, or just bad...) :

- I hate it when I'm babysitting and the parents are supposed to be home ANY SECOND... and I have to pee. For some reason I think it's really awkward to have them come home while I'm in the bathroom.
- The fact that I posted the above statement on facebook, then went to the restroom.. and the kids parents came home while I was in the bathroom. Can you say ironic?!
- I was walking in the gas station and saw this group of teenagers, maybe 16 years old, all huddled in a group outside the door. They kept looking inside at this girl, who couldn't have been out of high school. The girl they were looking at, was inside buying beer. I've noticed that when someone has a fake ID and are trying to buy beer or cigarettes, they never have their ID ready when they check out because they're hoping the cashier doesn't ask them. Anyone that is actually old enough always has there's out and waiting, because they don't care.
- I stayed up until 1:30am (no really "staying up" since I'm usually awake at that time anyways) for, what was supposed to be, the best meteor shower of 2012 and what was the first meteor shower of the year! It was supposed to have 100 stars per hour (the average is about 20-40). I was so excited! I didn't even see ONE star. NOT EVEN ONE! I stayed up until 4am freezing my little butt off and not one stupid star shot across the sky. I was a little bummed, can you tell? If not, just go look at my Facebook statuses.

Well, that's my Southern Soapbox for the night! What wonky and woot-tastic things happened to you this past week?

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