Saturday, March 17, 2012

The amazing men in my life.

<p>So it's two AM and someone reminded me of how blessed I am (without even meaning to, in fact I'm sure we was trying to do the opposite, but God used him to remind me of my blessings), specifically how blessed I am to have such an amazing father and boyfriend. And now I am having a cheesy mushy moment and sharing it with y'all (sorry haha). </p>

<p>My father... wow where do I start? He's awesome. He LOVED spending time with me and my sister. When I was little he would come home from a long day at work and manage to pump out some more energy to play with me. We would go play catch or even Barbies and you know your dad is AWESOME when he will sit in the middle of the floor and play Barbies with you. I remember him making breakfast on the weekends, and I don't mean toast or frozen waffles. No sir, he made pancakes, bacon, eggs AND toast!! Then I would spend the day playing in the garage with him. Now that I've gotten older he is still awesome. We go shooting and he endures my Vampire Diaries obsession. He is there when I need a voice of reason. I love just talking to my dad, and sadly we don't do it very often. Hopefully since the weather is getting nice we will be able to go shooting more and maybe go walk around a nature trail or something and just talk. I have heard that girls usually marry someone that resembles their dad but I'm not sure if anyone could be quite like my dad. He is truly one of a kind.

Although Ryan does have a lot to live up to he does a pretty good job. He is a lot like my dad in a lot of ways. He's very smart and independent. He's always the voice of reason, which balences out my insanity very nicely. The person that inadvertently reminded me of how blessed I was did so, in part, by being a child and showing me who Ryan is not. Ryan is caring, and respectful. He doesn't raise his voice. He apologizes with sincerity when he is wrong and he is always there to make me laugh. One of the things I love most about Ryan is his sense of humor. He can make me laugh even when I think my whole world has fallen apart(and as a girl that can be quite often). I love that we can just sit on the couch and watch TV and be perfectly OK with that. I love that he knows what I want to order at restaurant before I even do. I love that when he texts me "good morning beautiful"(he doesn't call me beautiful all the time, so when he does..) my heart flutters and I have a big dorky smile on my face. I have been told that relationships are hard and they require a lot of work, but I have to disagree again. Mine and Ryan's relationship is in no way "hard". Yes, sometimes we fight and have issues but we are usually pretty quick to work them out and move on so I wouldn't say that it's hard. Our relationship doesn't require much work either. Sometimes it needs some more than other times but not really. On June 4th we will have been together for five years. On one hand I feel like I have been with Ryan for forever but on the other hand it feels like just yesterday that he said "So, should we make this official?"

Well, that's my sappy Southern Soapbox. I hope I didn't make you want to throw up with my mushiness :P. Good night!

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