Saturday, March 31, 2012

Flashback Friday: Cowboys and "bad guys"

I wasn't able to do this yesterday so I'm doing it today, but this will become a recurring "segment" on Fridays! I'm REALLY excited about this!!!

I have grown up hearing about all these stories of things that have happened to various family members. All of these stories I would classify as crazy, or at the very least, different. Because these stories are so "different" I have decided the rest of the world should be able to bask in the glory that is my family.

It's very possible that people were injured in the making of these stories (which tends to make them that much better). Also, due to the embarrassing nature of some of these stories, names will remain anonymous. All stories are completely factual.

I took this picture in Collins, Mississippi in my
Mamaw's front yard.

Cowboys and "bad guys"

Let me set the stage for you a little bit. This story takes place in south Mississippi in a place where the wildlife easily out numbers the people 10 to 1. There were no play dates or nights out on the town. It was simply you, your family and the things you had on the land around you. In Hot Coffee, Mississippi kids played with their siblings and they got creative with their entertainment. And that has provided me with LOTS of entertaining stories to pass on to y'all!

Back in the day, when my mama was about three or four years old it was very common to walk out onto the front yard and see children playin'. My mom's brother always played the sheriff, while Mom played the loyal deputy! I don't know if this is relevant but, they were shirtless lawmen. Usually it was just my mom and her brother but on this particular day their cousin came a callin', so he joined in on the fun. He was given the unfortunate title as "bad guy". After much hootin' and hollerin' (because that's what you do when you play Cowboys and Bad Guys in south Mississippi) the Sheriff and Deputy caught their man and took him at gun point. They were toy guns, not cap guns because Mamaw couldn't stand the smell of a cap gun. He'd done wrong and justice must be served! Like so many children in the south, my mom and her brother grew up watching Roy Rogers and The Lone Ranger, which means there's only one way to make "thangs right". He had to hang. So the Sheriff got the rope and they tied it up in a tree in the front yard. The bad guy climbed up the tree (to his own hangin'), the noose was tightened and the sheriff and deputy shoved their cousin AKA "bad guy" off the tree and he hung. Mamaw heard the racket and cut him down from the tree while the lawmen stood and watched. Needless to say, he didn't come back to play Cowboys and bad guys. 

Don't worry, the cousin is still alive. He just may be a bit skittish around trees and rope.

This story is brought to you from the mind of my mother (the deputy) and the fingers of me! If any of my family members read this and have a story you want retold let me know! The only criteria is that it is at least some what humorous.

Well, that's my Southern Soapbox! Thank y'all for reading!

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  1. The post about Cowboys and Bad Guys makes me look normal.. WOW!