Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Crash and burn...

...no, like literally.

This past weekend was pretty nice. It rained Friday and Saturday so that was a bummer but Sunday was BEAUTIFUL! I had been hurting really badly that night and ended up taking a pain pill so I could go to sleep but when I woke up at 10am I was feeling a lot better. I woke up and mom and dad wanted to go out to lunch and then go to Cabela's. Free food, sounds good! I called Ryan and he met us at BJ's (YUM!). Then, we met Maega, Andrew and AJ at Cabela's. AJ had a lot of fun looking at the guns with his daddy and Pop Pop(my dad). Ryan and I then left Cabela's to go hang out with some of our friends.

We met Brett at one of the high schools near his house because Ryan wanted to ride his motorcycle. Ryan was having so much and doing really well. With each passing moment he was getting more comfortable and I was getting more confidant in his abilities. He came by and let Brett have a turn. While Brett was riding around in circles (you can only do so much in a parking lot) Ryan gushed about how excited he was to get his bike and how much more comfortable he is feeling while riding. Brett came back around and Ryan hopped on the bike. Brett offered Ryan his jacket and I told him he really should wear it "just in case". He decided that he wasn't doing anything stupid and a helmet and gloves would suffice. Famous last words. He went around a few times and was coming out of his last turn. I was texting someone, I don't remember who, when I heard Brett say "Oh crap!". Then I heard scrapping plastic and looked up in time to see Ryan flipping over the handle bars. He then flipped on to the back of his head, rolled down his spine and stood up. Brett and I took off at a dead run but by the time we were half way to Ryan he was already up looking at the bike. Thankfully, Ryan is fine, minus some road rash and a pretty sore back. There was no frame damage to the bike but the handle bars broke along with a lot of body damage (which will be a couple of thousand dollars in parts alone). Surprisingly enough, none of Ryans clothes ripped, his jeans, tshirt, and belt were all perfectly fine with the exception of a little blood. One of the little plastic spoiler pieces (forgive me, I don't speak motorcycle) on the back of his helmet broke off and there were a few scratches on his helmet, but other than that it didn't have any cracks in it or anything.

Yes, Ryan still wants his motorcycle. Yes, I will be a nervous wreck when he gets one.

After that whole incident I was in DESPERATE need of some retail therapy (don't judge... it was traumatic...), so me, Maegan, Mom, and AJ went to North Park  mall. Yay for retail therapy.

Well that's my Southern Soapbox. Please wear a helmet AND A JACKET when you are riding a motorcycle, even if you aren't "doing anything stupid".

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