Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wonky And Woot-tastic Wednesday

   - I am 20 years old and I still sleep with a stuffed animal. It's a really sad looking brown dog. His nose is ripped open, courtesy of Rebel. Mom is supposed to give him stitches but hasn't yes. Ryan gave him to me for our 6 month anniversary, almost 4 and a half years ago!
   - While I'm thankful for the rain and God knows we need it.. I'm really not a rain person and it makes me all achey. Which brings me to my next wonky.
   - Because of all the rain we've been getting mom and I have both been having flare ups. Every time the weather changes (from sunny to rainy, rainy to sunny, hot to cold, or cold to hot or any combination of those) my entire body feels like it got hit by a car, which makes it hard to sleep, which causes my body to feel like it got hit train going 90 MPH... and thus the cycle continues.
   - I mentioned before that Ryan had a motorcycle accident... ya that sucked...

   - Grandmother, Aunt Trisha, Ashton, and Erin are all in town! We have lots of stuffed planned so I'll try to take lots of pictures! We are going to Ikea and Central Market (they don't have them in north Mississippi) one day then another day we are going to downtown McKinney and walk the square with all the antique shops! Lots of fun to be had!
   - I mentioned before that I sleep with a real stuffed animal, well I also sleep with Rebel and he is a lot like a stuffed animal. A stuffed animal that snores, twitches, yelps and occasionally lays on me.... Ok, so he's not really like a stuffed animal but I love that he sleeps with me. My bed would feel way too big and empty without him :).
   - Mom, Maegan and I all went shopping Saturday! Oh, and AJ was there. We got lady garments and ate at La Madeleine's! YUM! They have the best salads, well next to Olive Garden.

Ok well that's my Southern Soapbox for the day! I will probably be MIA for the rest of the week so I can spend time with my family! Good night :)

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