Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tornado Season

Man Tornado season has officially begun! We have had at least 12 confirmed tornadoes that have touched down in the Dallas-Forth Worth metroplex. The city of Arlington and Lancaster have bother been declared to be in a state of emergency. Thankfully the city I live in was spared but there are a lot of areas that were not so lucky.

In our house we are PARANOID about tornadoes. Whenever a tornado watch or warning is issued Stevenson family protocol is to put on clothes (if you're in pajamas) and put on tennis shoes. This "tradition" was started back when we lived in Alabama. There was a tornado and our neighbor at the time told my mom "You never know what you'll have to walk through if a tornado hits" and it's true! If you're wearing tennis shoes you don't have to worry as much about stepping on debris. It's smart if you ask me. Paranoid, but smart. I wish I had taken a picture of me, Mom, Rebel, Martin, and George all crammed into the laundry room. It was a site to see.

A picture of ONE of the storms that hit the Dallas

Candles and a flashlight just in case :).

Well, that's my stormy Southern Soapbox! Stay safe and dry y'all!

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