Monday, April 30, 2012

Living alone

I will be living alone (with Jixer and Rebel) for a week while Ryan is out of town. He and Juan are going to Houston for work so I am house/dog sitting. I have stayed in various houses by myself before, or with small children (which I think is more nerve racking than if I were just alone) but something about staying in an apartment just makes me more jumpy. Although, there are a few perks to living alone!

I can look like crap and Jixer and Rebel don't complain, so long as they get fed.

I can play whatever music I want and play it louder than usual and sing along with disturbing other people in the house.

I can sit on the couch and hook my computer up to Ryan's GIANT TV and play The Sims all day.

Things stay clean unless I mess them up.

There are less dishes to do.

You can pass gas and not have to blame it on the dogs.

Of course there are downsides too but I'm focusing on the positive and not the boogie man that might break into the apartment and hack me up into little bits. I really should stop watching Criminal Minds.

Well that's my Southern Soapbox! Pray that I stay safe please :)


  1. You don't have to share the TV remote.
    You can walk around your undies...not admitting to doing this.
    You can eat over the sink and not have to clean the kitchen.
    However, you may tend to talk to yourself a lot or the dogs.
    Have fun!!!
    Aunt Em

  2. LOL! You eat over the sink?! I am so proud of you Aunt Em, you have come a LONG way :P. I just use the same dishes over and over and over. Use, wash, repeat lol. Ya, Jixer and I are already having very stimulating conversations and I've only been here for less than a day lol.