Friday, April 6, 2012

Flashback Friday: Gone Fishin'

First of all, I would like to point out that I am actually posting this on the day it is supposed to be done on (it's a miracle). Now, on with the story!

I have grown up hearing about all these stories of things that have happened to various family members. All of these stories I would classify as crazy, or at the very least, different. Because these stories are so "different" I have decided the rest of the world should be able to bask in the glory that is my family.

It's very possible that people were injured in the making of these stories (which tends to make them that much better). Also, due to the embarrassing nature of some of these stories, names will remain anonymous. All stories are completely factual(ok... well they're retold as heard).

Gone Fishin'
This MIGHT be the actual pond that
served as the fishin' hole
(Mamaw wasn't sure)

This story takes place in the backwoods of Collins, Mississippi sometime in the 1930's. It was a time when daddy's raised calves, pigs and chickens and mama's made your clothes and your supper. You lived off the land, for the most part. You relied on your siblings for entertainment, and in this case, they helped you come up with a solution when you had a problem.

My mamaw and her brother were out in their backyard (and by backyard I mean the 90+ acres that they lived on) fishin'. They had been out there for a time and weren't gettin' any bites. They began to doubt that there were actually fish in that pond. Mamaw looked at her brother, and they conjured up a plan. They needed to know if there were any fish in the fishin' hole, and fishin' just wasn't workin' fast enough. They went up to the house, grabbed a stick of dynamite from the back shed (what? don't you have explosives just layin' around in your backyard? Actually, my great grandpa used it to blow stumps out of the ground when he was clearin' land.) and went to work. Yes, the plan was to blow the water out of the pond to see the fish. Clearly they hadn't thought this through, but if they had I wouldn't have a story to tell y'all (actually, they probably would have done it regardless). Mamaw, her brother and their dog all headed back to their fishin' hole to see the fish. The fuse was lit, the stick was hurled and Mamaw and her brother lit out for cover. The poor dog was left behind. And the pond blew. The terrible twosome emerged from their hidin' place to see water fallin' from the trees, no fish, and the dog layin' on it's side. We will never know if there were fish in that fishin' hole, which is now a little bit deeper. In case you were wonderin', the dog was fine. He just fainted.

This story has been told to me by my mother, who heard it from Mamaw. I tried to call Mamaw so she could retell me the story but apparently the 83 year old has more of a life than I do since she didn't answer her phone (she's probably out fishin'... don't worry she doesn't have any dynamite). Family- let me know if you have any stories you want told!

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Well, that's my Southern Soapbox! I hope this made you laugh!

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