Monday, May 14, 2012

Meet Maizy

Yesterday was a good awesome amazing ok.. I can't come up with an adjective to describe it. I'm not going to waste time with a story of the whole day. It was Mother's Day... and for Mother's Day my mom and dad (who are totally freaking awesome btw) BOUGHT ME A FLIPPING CAR!!!!!!!!! Please note, I am not a mother (unless you count mother to a slightly moronic dog and rather species-confused cat) but they bought me a car. Not just any car.... a RED CONVERTIBLE That's right buddy! I am a convertible owner! I am officially in the "cool car club" (a club that I have stayed FAR FAR away from. as a matter of fact I have been in the "crappy car club" since I have been driving... not that I'm complaining. I survived my crappy car years just fine.)

ANYWHO, on to Maizy. She is a 1993 red Mazda Miata. The guy that was selling her was moving to Alaska with his wife in a few weeks, and as I'm sure you can imagine (it's really fun to imagine this) Maizy was not made for Alaska. She was made for me, obviously. He was very very sweet and obviously hated to see her go. He may have cried a little which made me feel REALLY bad for taking his baby away. Don't worry, I got over it. Maizy has had an interesting life. Believe it or not, the guy that owned the car before the guy I bought it from used to race her. He installed several after market parts to make her more powerful and sound really cool (which is what I actually care about since I won't be using much power anyways... at least as long as my dad as reading this blog I won't be :D).

For all you car enthusiasts and people that actually understand this stuff, here are a list of her after market parts:
1.6l DOHC
4-2-1 Header
Aluminum Under Drive Pulley
Front Sway Bar
205/60R14 Performance Tires
- About 40% tread left
Custom Drive Shaft
2nd generation NB Miata seats (much comfier and allows more headroom)
Glass Rear Window
HP+ Brake pads all around that are near brand new

I do actually know what most of this stuff means, believe it or not. I just don't have it all memorized yet to list off what all makes Maizy so special. She's in extremely good condition, or at least I think so but what do I know (I'll tell you, not much when it comes to cars.). She needs to have a wax job, which I am going over to Maegan's house to do today. I'll post more pictures when she's all shined up and looking her best!

Well, that's my Southern Soapbox! If you hear a VRROOOOMMMM VRRRRROOOOOOMMM it's possible that it's me and Maizy. 


  1. Ok she's not a corvette!!!! Don't insult her like that!! She' got more class! :) This coming from your aunt (who previously owned a corvette and has bad memories).
    I knew you would love a convertible ever since you used to ride in my jeep with the top down yelling 'WOOOOOOOOOO'!
    So glad Maizy found a good home!!! Can't wait for my ride
    Aunt EM

  2. Lol I know she's not a Corvette. I wrote that when I was really tired lol. No idea what I was thinking. Ill come by probably tomorrow :D

  3. "(which is what I actually care about since I won't be using much power anyways... at least as long as my dad as reading this blog I won't be :D)."

    Pretend I will be reading this every 5 minutes...


    1. Ya ya ya... fun sucker! (Might I remind you what you were doing to her last night! my poor baby...)

  4. great blog and great pictures with car :)