Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wonky and Woot-tastic Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone!

   - As most of you know I have been staying at Ryan's apartment while he is away for a business trip. While there are many perks to living alone there are also some things that make it well... wonky. When you live with someone else and you run out of toilet paper while on the potty you simply yell "TP 911" or send a text to someone at home (yes we do actually yell TP 911... and sometimes even go wee ooo wee ooo like a siren.. we're cool like that). When you live alone you either train your dog to fetch your toilet paper, hope that it's with in stttttreeeettttccchhiiinnnggg distance, and if it's not, well, you're screwed. Another downside is, if you're paranoid like I am, EVERY tiny little noise sounds like someone breaking into your house/apartment but it's ok because I play the TV or music loud enough to drown out those noises. So all those little noises go away... but at the same time if someone does break into the apartment, I won't hear that either (minor set back to not being paranoid).

   - Monday night I decided it would be a good idea to bring Rebel to the apartment with me. That way he could wake me up if someone did try to break in (and every time someone closed their car door... or the lawn guys started mowing the lawn... or if he just felt like he should bark so everyone knew he was there). Of course, in order to get him to the apartment he had to ride in the car, something he doesn't often do. He, like most dogs, decided to stick his head out the window, and by head I mean he leaned as far out the window as he possibly could. It was rather windy that day and the wind kind of caught him and started blowing his head back with considerable force. I had to roll the window up on him to get him to pull his head back in. It was a bit scary at the time but not long after I started laughing at how ridiculous and cartoon-like we seemed in that car. At least he didn't have his head stuck out the sun roof (yes, he has done that too).
   - It amazes me how much significance I give 3 little numbers on a scale. When I step on to weigh myself one of two things happen. I either get VERY happy and suddenly feel really skinny and healthy, or (the more likely of the two) I suddenly feel like a fat cow and start planning how I'm going to eat all kinds of fruit and veggies and swear off sweets (which never actually happens.. but I plan it REALLY well). Then I realize, much to my horror, that I choose to give those numbers that significance.
   - The realization that the above statement "I choose to give those numbers that significance" is something my Aunt Emily would say. Which makes me thing Crap now, not only do I sound like my parents... I also sound like my aunt! Thanks Aunt Emily for being that voice in my head....
   - Now for my more trivial, yet important, wonky thing of the week. I have read (and please don't judge me for thing) the Fifty Shades of Grey series. I also know that they are planning to make it into a movie. I also know that my Hollywood crush, Ian Somerhalder, has been considered for the role, which I am BEYOND thrilled about, although, they are also considering Robert Pattinson for the role as well. Which I am BEYOND not thrilled about. Seriously?! ROB?! Ugh! He isn't hot, he can't act and he's not even a decent person! Ian however is SOOOOOO GORGEOUS, a great actor (and he's hot..) and a genuinely amazing guy (and he's hot..). If Rob get this part, I will NEVER watch this movie EVER.
   - I was in the apartment last night, alone, when I looked up and saw a roach on the ceiling. I, of course, FREAKED OUT, but was able to calm myself and muster up all my courage to walk to the kitchen and get the roach spray. I stood there contemplating angles of how to spray the things so it didn't move towards me. So I stood on a chair (so if it fell on the floor it wouldn't be able to crawl on me) pointed the spray, held my breath and doused the thing with Raid. The roach sprouted wings and fluttered to the ground. I killed a poor innocent little moth, and it took all my courage to do it too. Ugh, I am so not made to live alone.

   - I have started watching the TV show Smash. If you've never seen it, it's really cute. It's about two Broadway music writers that decide to do a Marilyn Monroe musical. It's on hulu, check it out.

   - Central Market has the most adorable TINY little peaches! I want one. They also have GIANT thingys of cheese! It's crazy, why would you need that much cheese?
   - I am really excited to go check out this new shoe place that a dear friend suggested (shout out to Miss Melanie!). I love it when people see things like a new shoes store and think of me enough to actually tell me about it. It makes my heart smile.
   - AJ dancing in the car too Glee. Need I say more? It's adorable!... but then most everything he does is adorable.

Well, that's it for this Southern Soapbox! I hope your weeks are roach/moth free, you don't run out of toilet paper while no one is home, you don't sound like your relatives, and no one breaks into your houses. Have a good Hump Day y'all!

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