Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wonky and Woot-tastic Wednesday

Happy Hump Day y'all! I actually planned this post and wrote it as things happened to me. Hopefully this works out better and it's a bit more amusing since everything was fresh in my mind. I had an AWESOME week. I hope you have too!


   -That pesky pile of laundry sitting in my desk chair that just refuses to fold/hang itself. I've waited for it to makes it's way to it's designated home but all it does is grow bigger. Consequently, I am currently sitting on the floor writing this. Should I decide to see if it will disappear or relinquish my hopeless dream and put it away?
   - Believe it or not, I do come up with witty ways to say things on here. The problem is they almost always come to me while I'm driving or in the shower, so I can't write them down. By the time I can write them I've forgotten everything I had mentally written. And now since my memory is so bad I've started leaving notes everywhere: on paper, my phone, sticky notes, and my bathroom mirror (I use a dry erase marker, it wipes off with a rag. Really cool for leaving notes for hubby or the kids!). Curse my scattered brain.
   - Whenever other people wash their dogs the dog always comes out of the bath smelling like shampoo. It's always so nice to be petting him/her and smell that sweet aroma. Take Jixer for example. Jixer is Ryan's short haired Dachshund. He always smells lovely. My dog, Rebel, on the other hand.... not so much. He just smells like wet dog. What gives?!
   - Rebel is afraid of the dark. I had let him and Martin out for their last chance to potty and was watching them through the door. Rebel was very cautiously picking his way through the grass and wouldn't go far from the door to pee. Something hit the fence, I assume it was a rabbit, and Rebel jumped about 10 feet in the air and ran back to the door practically coming through it to get inside. Aren't dogs supposed to have really good night vision? I think my dog is broken.
   - I had thought my pink eye had gone away. I took the steroid drops for 7 days 4 times a day and the redness was all gone and they felt great! Then I stopped taking the drops.. and it's back! UGH

   - The guy that pulled up next to me while I had the windows down in the Explorer (this was before I got Maizy) and was BLASTING Toxic (yes, the Britney Spears song) by Glee AND was singing along and car dancing (it's a real thing, you should try it). I'm pretty sure the look on his face was jealousy and awe. He wishes he was this cool.
Sorry it's not great quality.
Upper left is my mom, upper right is Maegan's mother in law
and bottom is Maegan

   - Mom, Maegan, Maegan's mother-in-law, and I all went glass blowing Saturday morning for Mother's Day. Well, they blew glass. I took pictures. It was really cool and fun. I'll have to do a post to put more pictures of it.
   - I GOT A CAR!!!! Click on the link and check her out. She's pretty sexy, just sayin'.
   - I actually had this post finished LONNGGG before I posted it! It's amazing. Usually I'm a day late lol.

Well, that's my Wonk and Woot-tastic Southern Soapbox. I hope you all have a great week!

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