Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

 I hope y'all are having a fun Memorial Day weekend! We've stayed pretty busy. Saturday we went to my cousins sweet 16! We grilled burgers, watched kids run and play and then opened presents and ate cake! After her party I went over to Maegan's house for a girl night. It's always good to spend some time with just us girls. After work on Sunday Ryan and I went to his parents house so he could finish working on his car. His mom gave me some cook books that I've been looking forward to and I watched the Ryan and his father fix Ryan's car (and by that I mean, I watched Ryan as he watched his father fix his car). Today we picked MawMaw up from the airport and that's pretty much it. Hopefully when I have a really awesome house with a big kitchen, nice dining room, pool and we'll even throw in some horses just for good measure (hey, a girl can dream) I can host Memorial Day barbecues and other fun stuff. That's what I would like to do anyways.

Well, that's my Southern Soapbox. Thank you to all those who serve our country, soldiers, policemen, and firemen.

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